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Industry Leading Professional Wildlife Removal Service in San Antonio, Austin, and Surrounding Areas

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“I started Critter One because there were ZERO professional trappers in San Antonio. Nobody provided same day service, which is ridiculous. When you have a problem, you need us TODAY. We reset the bar in the industry using technology, not subcontracting, having live people answer the phone 24/7, and employing kind, talented professionals that come to your home in clean uniforms with the best trucks and tools. For us, it’s all about service.”

–   Daniel Watson


Raccoon Removal


Raccoons may be cute, but not when they have made your home their breeding ground. We specialize in raccoon removal for all types of properties.

Squirrel Removal


Squirrels can cause extreme and costly damage to your home and property. If you suspect a squirrel is in your home, call us right away for expert squirrel removal.

Wildlife Removal


Are you kept awake at night because of the constant scurrying in your walls? Perhaps you’ve witnessed a snake on your property and wish to have it removed. You may even have family of raccoons who have made your attic their new home. Whatever your wildlife issue may be, Critter One is here to help.

Serving San Antonio, Houston, Austin, TX and surrounding areas

For wildlife removal or pest control services, contact Critter One today at (210) 598-6540

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We believe when you have a wildlife problem, you need it solved TODAY. And there’s nothing we can’t trap. We also believe in the humane removal of trapped animals (to their natural habitat FAR away from you), reinforcing your attic against future intruders, and leaving your attic, home or yard cleaner than we found it.

It’s our job to save your day and protect your home. That’s why we always trap, remove, clean, disinfect, and seal. We then give you a 15-month all-inclusive guarantee which covers four generations of rodents.
It’s like we say, if it ain’t Critter One doing it, it ain’t getting done right.