About Us

The ONLY Professional Wildlife Removal Service in San Antonio
Also serving Austin, Houston, and Surrounding Areas

We believe when you have a wildlife problem, you need it solved TODAY.
We believe in Same Day Service.
We believe in Free Home Inspections.
We believe your time is important.
We believe in answering your call 24/7.
We believe in being the ONLY professional wildlife removal service in San Antonio.
We believe there’s only ONE way to do the job right.
We believe we should always trap, remove, clean, disinfect, and seal.
We believe in giving you an all-inclusive 15-month guarantee, because that covers four generations of rodents.
We believe in humane removal of trapped animals to their natural habitat FAR away from you.
We believe in leaving your attic, home or yard cleaner than we found it.
We believe in reinforcing your attic against future intruders.
We believe in doing what we SAY we’re going to do.
We believe in saving your day and protecting your home.