Four Ways Your Home Is Attracting Pests

As the Texas weather gets warmer, insects and critters will be looking for places to stay cool this summer. While you may know to not leave food out, here are four different ways your home could be unknowingly attracting pests:


Insects are attracted to moisture as this is where many of them breed. Insects like mosquitos, and fruit flies in particular, like to breed in drains and will surface to find food.


Damaged Screens

Even the smallest wear and tear in your screens could help pests find their way into your home. Insects can crawl through even the tiniest of holes, so repairing your screen when noticed could save you a visit from a Pest Control Technician.



Critters like mice, rats, and even insects are known to hide and make their homes in clutter. Is your attic or garage full of boxes or items like old newspapers? Organizing this space can help prevent these pests from becoming long-term guests in your home.


Tiny Cracks

Small cracks in the sealant around your doors, windows, and even your bathtub could be an invitation for roaches, scorpions, and small pests. Also look for other cracks around your home like the foundation, appliance vents, utility lines, and more that could be fixed.


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