Three Benefits of Humane Animal Control

1. The Animal Stays Safe
Having raccoons, squirrels, mice, skunks, bats, or other wildlife in your home can certainly be annoying and frustrating, however, it’s key to remember that multiple lives are affected by humane animal removal- your family’s and the animal. By working with companies that practice humane removal, you can promote safety and avoid unnecessary stress and harm.

2. The Ecosystem Stays In Balance
Each animal plays a role that keeps the surrounding wildlife and areas in balance. For example, raccoons and foxes eat snakes, helping control the snake population in your backyard. If animals aren’t returned safely to their homes, this could have impacts on other animal and plant populations in the wilderness.

Some animals, like bats, are endangered species harming or killing these animals be against the law in your area, but it can do significant harm to the ecosystem.

3. Long-Term Solutions
Removing an animal and releasing them back into the wild solves the problem a majority of the time, however, incorrect relocation can mean that these critters find their way back to and into your home. With solutions like doors that prevent animals from entry points in your home, but allow trapped animals out of your home, you can prevent damage to your home and repeat removal fees from other companies.

Critter One will not only safely and humanely remove problem wildlife from your home or property, but we also take our services to the next level by ensuring no other animals can enter in the future.