Raccoons – Geeting to Know South Texas’ Curious Creature

Raccoons, Trash Pandas, or Coons, however your refer to them, its likely you have seen one as they are common to South Central Texas. Often looked at as cute, curious, and intelligent creatures, these characteristics also make them annoying neighbors. As we say at Critter One, “Cute not Cuddly”. San Antonio, TX and Austin, TX make a great environment for Raccoons as they prefer brushy areas near lakes or streams and have become increasingly prevalent in developed areas.

Factors like malnutrition, diseases like rabies, and predation by humans, Coyotes and Bobcats take their toll, but raccoon populations are not in decline in most areas of Texas. As our cities continue to grow Raccoons continue to adapt and become more comfortable living in human habitat.

Typically active at night, Raccoons are important to the environment because of their roles as a scavenger. The keep things cleaned up. They also play a role in the food chain, as they are prey for Foxes and Bobcats. However that doesn’t mean you need to live with one in your backyard or attic! If you see a Raccoon on your San Antonio property, please don’t kill it – call Critter One Animal Control and we’ll safely and humanely remove that critter from your property.


Raccoons can be extremely destructive due to their curiosity, intelligence, dexterity and climbing skills.shutterstock_54840016

Here are some signs to help identify a raccoon problem:

  • tipped trash cans
  • raided bird feeders
  • pilfered gardens
  • damaged crops (ex. chewed sweet corn, hollowed out watermelons)
  • uncapped chimneys
  • torn shingles
  • raccoon tracks: five long toes and fingers resembling human hands




Raccoons are drawn to places they feel are safe to hide, live in and reproduce. Because of this they often find your attics as a cozy home. However like any tenant that isn’t paying rent they tend to leave behind the following, which can be dangerous:

  • Bring fleas and ticks into your home that can carry lyme disease
  • Pets – Although they often run, if cornered, a Raccoon can attack a family dog or cat to protect its offspring.
  • Rabies – Raccoons are commonly known as a carrier for Rabies and other diseases.
  • Latrines – Raccoon feces contains parasites, if inhaled by humans, can cause visual damage

By responding quickly to sounds of scratching or clawing in your attic, you can avoid raccoons over taking over your yard or attic. Call Critter One (210) 201-0064


YES! Raccoons are an interesting segment of “Nuisance Animal”. Although most Homeowner Insurance policies have a rodent/vermin clause, Raccoons do not fall under this category. They are part of the bear family and therefore covered by most Insurance policies.

Critter One Animal Control works with multiple Insurance Providers, Adjusters and Agents in the San Antonio, TX and Austin, TX areas. We regularly assist our customers in the insurance claims process to ensure the home is repaired, secured, and all Raccoons are safely relocated.


There are certain things you can do to make your property uninviting to them, such as:

Raccoon entry point.
  • Keep your garage doors closed at night to avoid animals getting in.
  • Cover/Lock all garbage on your property to remove a source of food.
  • Seal all roof entry points.
  • Make sure there are no gaps under doors, windows, decks or patios

By keeping your property cleaned and well maintained, you are less likely to come into contact with raccoon or any other unwanted creatures.



Critter One Animal Control in San Antonio brings more than two decades of experience when it comes to wildlife trapping. We believe in treating all animals with respect and will remove unwanted wildlife from your home or property safely and humanely. If you are in need of snake removal, or other wildlife removal services in San Antonio, contact Critter One Animal Control today at (210) 201-0064 today.

You can also schedule a free home inspection on a day and time that is convenient for you! We guarantee animals will not re-enter your home for 15 months or we will return and service the problem for free.
  • Raccoons will return to the same location for multiple years to nest their young if there is adequate space, food, and protection.
  • Raccons mating season is from mid to late summer. They give birth 60-75 days after mating
  • Baby Raccoons eyes and ears open 18-20 days after birth and they begin to walk at about 4-6 weeks old.

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