Skunk Facts You May Not Have Known

Skunks are notorious for their unique appearance and their spray. While these critters can be a nuisance, they play a specific role in the ecosystems around you. Here are some facts you may not have known about skunks:

Skunks May Be Keeping Mice Out of Your Home

While these critters prefer insects and grubs, skunk’s diets are flexible and also include small rodents like mice. During colder months, skunks scavenge for food and often stumble upon these small rodents that they find in wooded areas or near garbage left outside of homes.


Skunks Help Control Your Local Rattlesnake Population

Immune to snake venom, rattlesnakes are another source of food for skunks. Skunks are one of the only animals who have this immunity and are unaffected by doses of venom 100 times higher than those that could kill a household pet. During warmer months, seeing a skunk in your yard or near your home means rattlesnakes will stay away.


Skunks Can Carry Many Contagious Diseases

If you stumble upon a skunk, do not approach it and restrain any pets. While the risk of getting sprayed by their infamous defense mechanism is reason enough to stay away, these critters can carry various disease that are fatal to both humans and household pets. Skunks carry illnesses including rabies, intestinal roundworms, canine distemper, canine hepatitis and more.


Find a skunk near or under your home? Call Critter One today for safe and humane animal removal!

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