When to Worry About Spiders In Your Home

Spiders are often found inside homes, and can provide effective pest control of roaches, earwigs, and more. How do you know when spiders in your home have become a problem?

If you begin to notice an alarming number of these pests in your home, it could be a sign of a greater issue – an infestation of another pest. Spiders enter homes to find food, and when their food source is plentiful, spiders will stay in that space, mature, and lay eggs furthering your home’s arachnid population.

Some spiders are small and often hard to see when going about your normal routines. If you start to notice an unusually large quantity of cobwebs or spider webs around your home, this could be a sign that these pests could be an issue than you thought.

If you start to notice these signs, the following can help:

  • This can help eliminate cobwebs and eggs that spiders in your home may have laid.
  • Manage their food source. Does your home have a large pond or standing water? This is an ideal breeding environment for mosquitos, and could be responsible for the amount of spiders in or around your home.
  • Call Critter One. If the spiders in your home pose a threat, like brown recluses or black widows, professional help is highly recommended. Regularly spraying your home can also help protect your home before an infestation happens.

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